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Our COVID-19 update

Learn about our COVID-19 safety measurements

July 19th 2021, the government eased COVID restrictions. This has seen reduced social distancing and mask wearing.

NHS England, the Office of the Chief Dental Officer (OCDO) and our governing bodies have recommended continued use of stringent standard operating procedures in our practices for your safety.

Although the vaccination programme has resulted in reduced transmission and hospitalisation, those who are clinically vulnerable will still be at risk. We have also seen vaccinated individuals contract COVID, and we cannot exclude the possibility of emergence of further pathogenic variants.

Aligning with national guidance our standard operating procedures remain unchanged, as we aim to ensure a COVID secure facility.

Before Arriving:

  • We will undertake Covid Risk Assessment electronically or telephonically

  • We will arrange remote payment (when possible and if applicable)

When Arriving:

  • Your temperature will be taken and recorded

  • Hand sanitisation is required and available at our sanitisation station

  • Masks are required to be worn upon entry and in waiting rooms

  • Where practical, waiting outside in your car prior to your appointment helps avoid congestion and encourage social distancing

  • Where possible, one way patient flow systems will be in place

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Additional measures we are taking to keep you safe:

  • We are currently operating with limited attendance within the practice

  • Ensuring appropriate fallow time between patient appointments especially between aerosol generating procedures,

  • Clinical personnel will be using FFP2/3 masks where appropriate

  • Standard cross infection procedures will apply

  • Where possible, appointment scheduling and payments will be undertaken via telephone

We are striving to ensure that the majority of our staff aim to be double vaccinated / boosted when necessary, which will significantly reduce virus transmissibility.


We also continue to use air scrubbers with UVC technology and ventilation.


This technology sterilises and exchanges the air in waiting rooms and in surgeries where we are sterilising the air approximately 6 times per hour.

Assuring you of our commitment to your safety and wishing you a safe transition to enjoying a life without COVID restrictions.

Need special arrangements?

Please contact us so we can arrange around your care

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