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All your general dentistry needs

Patient and Dentist


Regular dental exams are critical in order to maintain good oral health.


Dental examinations are used to help identify tooth decay, gum disease and other potential oral health problems.


Regular examinations means your Dentist can spot these problems early and prevent them developing. These examinations also provides your Dentist the chance to offer any advice on brushing, hygiene etc.

Initial Exam

from £68

New Patient Examination (including x-rays)


Examination and Small Scale


Examination and Scale


Emergency Visit

from £58

Our Treatments


from £64

Small Radiograph

from £15


A radiograph provides your dentist with a picture of the hard tissues (teeth and bones) and the soft tissues that surround your teeth and jaw-bones. 

X-rays are used to evaluate your oral health and help provide a more accurate and personalised treatment plan for patients. 

Emergency Dental

We are committed to offering after-hours care for our patients

Emergency Visit

from £58

Amalgam Restorations

Amalgam Restorations are what you may know as traditional 'silver fillings'.

They are used to restore damaged or decayed teeth.

Amalgam Restoration



Amalgam Restoration



Amalgam Restoration



Small Glass Ionomer


Recalled Attendance


Difficult Extraction

from £226

Simple Extraction

from £164


Extractions as they sound are the removal of teeth. 

Your dentist may recommend an extraction for various reasons to improve your oral health. 

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